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Biblioteca Prescription Act [Chapter 8:11].

Prescription Act [Chapter 8:11].

Prescription Act [Chapter 8:11].
An Act to provide for the acquisition of ownership of things by prescription, the acquisition and extinction of servitudes by prescription and the extinction of debts by prescription; and to make provision for matters connected therewith.

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This Act shall not apply to rights and obligations governed by customary law of any person other than the State. This Act shall bind the State (sect. 3). Subject to provisions of Part II and Part V, a person shall by prescription become the owner of a thing which he has possessed openly and as if he were the owner thereof for: (a) an uninterrupted period of thirty years; or (b) a period which, together with any periods for which such thing was so possessed by his predecessors in title, constitutes an uninterrupted period of thirty years. The text consists of 20 sections divided into 5 Parts.

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