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This Decree regulates Land Act No. 19/97 establishing right of use and conditions for exploiting public lands. It consists of 7 Chapters and 1 technical annex specifying different land uses, listing obligations and rights of foreign or national entities, fees to be paid in order to obtain a licence for land exploitation, etc. It concerns requirements to be met for obtaining the aforementioned licence and regulates plans for land exploitation to be sent for approval to the competent authority. Technical Annex specifies requirements to be satisfied and limits (servitudes) of land areas.

Implemented by: Ministerial Decision No. 76/99 establishing the fees for land use. (1999-06-16)
Implemented by: Ministerial Decision No. 29-A/2000 approving the Technical Annex to the Land Act. (2000-03-17)
Implemented by: Ministerial Decision No. 158/2011 establishing procedures for consultation with the local communities on the use and property rights of land. (2011-06-15)
Implemented by: Decree No. 77/99 establishing the annual fees for land use. (1999-10-15)
Implements: Land Act (No. 19/97). (1997-10-01)
Amended by: Decree No. 1/2003 amending Decree No. 66/98 regulating the Land Act. (2003-02-18)
Amended by: Decree No. 43/2010 amending Land Law Regulation. (2010-10-20)
Repeals: Decree No. 16/87 approving the Regulation of Land Act. (1987-07-15)

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