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Land tenure is theoretically safe for communities and smallholders. However, the emergence of state and private "mega-projects" in agriculture (e.g. Prosavana), forest plantations (e.g. Portucel), mining (e.g. Coal Exploitation in Tete - Vale, Gas Exploration in Palma - ENH and Anadarko), construction of public infrastructure (Maputo-Katembe Bridge, Moamba Dam, etc.) has results in the increase in the number of land conflicts between the private sector and the communities as well as between communities and the Government.

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Recipe for conflict: Northern Mozambique’s tinder-dry fields of straw are ripe for burning

2 Mayo 2021

By David Matsinhe for the Daily Maverick.  Originally posted at:   To understand the roots of the insurgency in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province, one has to look at how Maputo, in pursuit of coal and gas wealth, has…