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África subsahariana

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CALL FOR PAPERS: CIALCA Conference on Agricultural Intensification of the Humid-Highland Systems of sub-Saharan Africa

The Consortium for Improved Agriculture-based Livelihoods in Central Africa (CIALCA) conference on “Challenges and Opportunities for Agricultural Intensification of the Humid-Highland Systems of su

EMPLOYMENT: ICRISAT Opportunities in Empowering Women and Knowledge-Sharing & Innovation

ICRISAT is a non-profit, non-political organization that conducts agricultural research for development in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa with a wide array of partners throughout the world.

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¿Una estadística zombi? "La tenencia del 70% de la población mundial es insegura". [Parte 1 de 2]

12 Julio 2022

"Dos tercios de la población mundial no tiene acceso a una tenencia segura de la tierra". Variaciones de esta estadística se citanhabitualmenteen el sector de la tierra. Pero, ¿de dónde proceden esos datos? ¿Cómo lo sabemos? La cifra se ha utilizado con tanta frecuencia que se ha desvinculado de…

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Synthesis dialogue: Agricultural commercialisation and smallholder transformation in sub-Saharan Africa

Farmers across Africa face multiple challenges and need several income streams to get by. @agripolicy will draw on their extensive research at three upcoming events. The first is on Thursday 20 January 2020 11 am - 12:30 GMT, 12 PM - 1:30PM WAT 2PM - 3:30 EAT Register