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Community Organizations Africa Research Institute
Africa Research Institute
Africa Research Institute
Non Governmental organization
Non-profit organization
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+44 (0)207 222 4006


55 Tufton Street
United Kingdom
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Africa Research Institute is an independent not-for-profit think-tank that was founded in February 2007. It is the only think-tank in the UK to focus exclusively on political, economic and social issues in sub-Saharan Africa. ARI strives to inform domestic and international policy making through publishing research and hosting interactive events. ARI’s mission is to draw attention to ideas or policies that have worked in Africa by highlighting and analysing best-practices in government, the economy and civil society. ARI encourages debate and challenges conventional wisdom in and about sub-Saharan Africa. It seeks to provide a nuanced and representative understanding of the region, as opposed to conventional “binary” depictions that often dominate the Western media. The organisation has published work on urbanisation, political and institutional reform, regional integration, health and agriculture, amongst other issues.


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Whose Land is it Anyway? The failure of land law reform in Kenya

Reports & Research
August, 2015

Contains land and the Constitution of Kenya (2010), the rise and rise of the rule of law, getting technical, a grabbed land, the costs of impunity, interconnected law and justice, a challenge to the constitution, Kenya’s new land laws: timeline. Concludes that new laws have not been redistributive or transformative in a positive way. Longstanding grievances and injustices have not been addressed. Legislation has failed to curtail predatory bureaucracies which in turn have stymied reform through delaying tactics and sabotage.