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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (Danish: Udenrigsministeriet) and its overseas representations (i.e. the Danish embassies, diplomatic missions, consulates and trade offices) are in charge of the Kingdom's (The unity of the Realm: Denmark (proper), Greenland, Faroe Islands) foreign policy and relations. Among these tasks are policy towards the Arctic Council, European Union, Nordic Council, development aid, trade policy and legal affairs in relation to the outside world.

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This project aims to improve life of plain land adibashi through enhancing capacity of indigenous people led CBOs to assert rights, consolidation of land rights and promotion of bilingual education at pre -primary level. Suppot to update land documents and protecting land from land grabers, technical support to link with rural livelihood and economic empowerment activities of women.

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In Cambodia, Danmission’s work focuses on strengthening the engagement of local communities and civil society organisations in protecting natural resources, securing farmers’ land rights and promoting sustainable and equitable development by supporting local communities through peaceful dialogue with local authorities. Danmission’s Country Program contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals: 5, 10, 15, 16 and 17. (In Cambodia, Dialogue and Peace for Sustainable Development.

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Overall objective: To increase financial and social empowerment of poor forest dependent communities?in Nepal. This will be done?by using forestry certification to?secure income, strengthen?their land management capacities, and build visibility to create resilience to challenges regarding access to their natural and cultural resources.

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