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This Act consists of 66 sections divided into 6 Parts: Preliminary provisions (I); Application of fundamental principles of the National Land Policy (II); Transfers and hazard land (III); Village lands (IV); Dispute settlement (V); Miscellaneous provisions (VI). The President may transfer any area of village land to general or reserved land for public interest (sect. 4). Village land transfer shall not be transferred until the type, amount and timing of the payment of compensation has been agreed upon. The Minister may declare any area of a village land to be hazard land. Hazard land is land the development of which is likely to pose danger to life or to lead to environmental destruction on that or on contiguous land (sect. 6). A village land council shall be responsible for the management and administration of all village land (sect. 8). A district council may provide advice and guidance to any village council within its area of jurisdiction (sect. 9). Section 11 deals with matters related to joint village land use agreements between villages. Village land shall be divided into communal village land (sect. 13), land which is occupied or used by an individual or family under customary land (sect. 14) and land which may be available for communal or individual occupation and use through allocation by the village council. Confirmation of validity of interests in land created under and by Operation vijiji is specified in section 15. Sections 22 to 47 deal with matters related to the grant and management of Customary right of occupancy. Adjudication of interest in land is dealt with in detail in sections 48 to 59.

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