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Biblioteca Law No. 145 “On transfer of land plots”.

Law No. 145 “On transfer of land plots”.

Law No. 145 “On transfer of land plots”.
ЗАКОН КЫРГЫЗСКОЙ РЕСПУБЛИКИ от 15 июля 2013 года № 145 О переводе (трансформации) земельных участков.

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This Law establishes legal basis, terms and conditions of transfer of land from one category to another. Transfer of land shall be state (public) function and shall be performed in accordance with purposeful use of land in case of modification of main purposeful use. Category and type of land area shall be specified in: (a) acts of local self-government related to allocation or concession of land; (b) in land-related contracts; (c) in land cadastre documentation; and (d) in land certificates. Violation of the aforesaid modalities of land transfer shall entail invalidation of land-related acts of local self-government. Land tenure for non-purposeful land uses shall be prohibited. In case of transfer of agricultural and forest land to other categories not related to agriculture or forestry land tenants and landowners shall be paid compensation, including loss of expected profit.

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