Recommendations on role of municipalities in land reform and an assessment of land reform related resources in the Cape Winelands District | Land Portal
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Marzo 2005
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The Cape Winelands District Municipality has identified land reform as one of the key factors that can address empowerment and poverty eradication in its municipal area. Its role and the availability of resources for land reform in the District are not
clear and it is seeking the support of an agency to achieve the following objectives:

  • To define the role of the CWDM and the B municipalities in facilitating land reform within its “Land Reform implementation strategy”
  • To compile a resource (land, water, infrastructure, funding etc) audit for the district and develop a system to maintain it;
  • To liaise with the B municipalities and other government departments regarding the release of land within the district;
  • To identify the necessary institutional support arrangements for land withinthe district.

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