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Biblioteca Right to Homestead land in Rural Bihar

Right to Homestead land in Rural Bihar

Right to Homestead land in Rural Bihar
A Study of its Status, Issues, and Challenges in Implementation of Policies and Provisions

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Octubre 2017
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Access to homestead land, and housing in turn, are basic requirements for human survival. Every citizen needs to have a safe, secure and healthy place to live, work and lead a life of dignity. A house provides not only physical protection against the vagaries of nature, but also space and privacy to an individual and his family for physical, emotional and intellectual growth. More importantly, ownership of a house brings about a profound change in his social existence, endowing him with an identity, dignity and a sense of belongingness, thus integrating him with his immediate social milieu and enhancing his opportunity for participation in social, economic and cultural life of the society. Considering its importance for the overall well-being of individuals and families, right to housing has been enshrined as a basic human right in international human rights instruments and treaties as well as in the Constitution of India as interpreted by the Supreme Court in many of its judgements.

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