Towards Elimination Of Corruption In The Land Sector: Incorporation Of Geospatial Technologies In Land Governance At The Local Level | Land Portal

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Enero 2021
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Context and backgroundIn the wake of rapid urbanization and population growth, there is much contestation with the ownership and use of land globally, especially in Africa. It is widely acknowledged that the implementation of sustainable land governance is an antidote to tackling land-related conflicts (mostly as a result of multiple sales of land), engendered land access, among others. However, land governance in Ghana is challenged with inefficiencies and corruption being paramount amidst the implementation of other interventions. On this premise, this study sought to explore the viability of geospatial technologies in tackling corruption in land governance in Ghana, the present bottlenecks with the use of such technologies among land agencies, and the plausible solution going forward.  Goal and objectivesThe paper advances a course for the incorporation of technology in land management as an indispensable endeavor to eliminating the bottlenecks and contributing to the fight against corruption in the land sectorMethodologyEmploying a mixed-method approach, chiefly qualitative, 250 individuals, including personnel selected nationwide from the five LAP implementing agencies and patrons of their services as well as individuals in academic and research institutions were interviewed.ResultsIt was evident from the findings that there is generally, a low understanding of geographic information systems and their use in land governance at the local level. About, 96 percent of the personnel interviewed alluded to the importance and the need to incorporate GIS into land governance to enhance efficiency in their field of work. The paper advocates for the use of geographic information systems (GIS): database management systems (DBMS) and decision support systems (DSS) for land administration, documentation, and management.

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Anthony Kwabena Sarfo, Prince Aboagye Anokye

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