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Biblioteca Terms of Reference: CGIAR Science Group Evaluations

Terms of Reference: CGIAR Science Group Evaluations

Terms of Reference: CGIAR Science Group Evaluations

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Diciembre 2023
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The evaluation function of the Independent Advisory and Evaluation Services (IAES), is executing the 2024 evaluations of the three Science Groups (SGs)—Systems Transformation (ST), Resilient Agrifood Systems (RAFS), and Genetic Innovation (GI). The evaluation Terms of Reference (TORs), which are endorsed by the Strategic Impact, Monitoring, and Evaluation Committee (SIMEC) and build on the Concept Note, are presented to the CGIAR System Council (SC19) as a pre-read. The SG evaluations align with CGIAR's Evaluation Framework and Policy, and stem from the CGIAR 2030 Research and Innovation Strategy. Between 2022-23, the 2030 CGIAR Research Portfolio comprised of 33 Initiatives across three Action Areas (i.e., Science Groups).
The objectives of the SG-level evaluations are two-fold: firstly, to furnish real-time feedback and recommendations, towards institutional learning and adaptation of the CGIAR 25 Portfolio; and secondly, to facilitate accountability for, and learning from, the initial two years of 2030 portfolio implementation. This evaluation would also aid SIMEC and IAES to identify evaluative needs for the 2025-27 multi-year evaluation plan (MYEP).
Aligned to the nascent status of the CGIAR Portfolio, the 2024 formative real-time evaluations would strategically focus on relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of science (QoS) evaluation criteria. Among others, key lines of inquiry encompass comparative advantage, compliance with relevant CGIAR frameworks and policies, and integration of cross-cutting themes (e.g., gender and climate change, partnerships, capacity development).
The evaluations’ timeline would span from March to October 2024, involving learning from data collection and analysis for 'real-time' engagement with CGIAR management. The System Council endorsement is set for October 2024, and would feature SG-level Management Response (MR), developed by CGIAR management, and approved by the CGIAR Board.
The participatory evaluation process aligns with CGIAR's commitment to continuous improvement, learning, and transparency. Stakeholder engagement is pivotal to ensure that diverse perspectives contribute to the collective insights that will guide CGIAR's evolution.
For further inquiries or engagement in the evaluation process, stakeholders are encouraged to reach out to

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