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Enero 1970
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Farms 25/77 NQ and 27/77N0, located in North East District, were acquired by the Government

from the freeholder, Mr Blackbeard in 1990. The purchase followed the recommendations of the

consultants appointed to conduct the feasibility study of the Lower Shashe dam (SMEC, 1990), and

had the objective of providing compensatory land for Matopi villagers who need to be relocated

before flooding of the reservoir.

During the latter part of 1990, the Tati Land Board proposed compensating Matopi residents by

relocating them within the bounds of farms 25/77 and 27/77NQ. As a portion of the farm had been

developed for irrigated agriculture, however, the Ministry of Agriculture was concerned that this

resource should not be wasted, and that any potential for expansion of the irrigated area be

investigated prior to land allocation. A study was therefore initiated in late 1990 by the Ministry of

Agriculture to evaluate the farm for alternative land use options including resettlement of Matopi

people. This study concluded that the potential for expanding the present irrigated area was limited.

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