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The Oakland Institute is a policy think tank whose mission is to increase public participation and promote fair debate on critical social, economic and environmental issues in both national and international forums.  

The Oakland Institute’s trademark is to work in coalitions and networks to strengthen social movements, especially as we forge multi-cultural, cross-border and cross-class alliances. As a policy think tank our work is unique (in that we are bringing new approaches to social change including the awareness of economic, social and cultural rights) as we work with grass roots constituency (faith-based, farm workers, immigrant rights groups, Black farmers, among others) and help bridge policy think tanks with activist networks and social movements.  

The Institute engages in three main areas of interrelated program work:

  1. Bringing a social and economic human rights lens to organizing and policy work
  2. Reframing the debate on security
  3. Building strategic alliances to strengthen popular struggles nationally and internationally  

The Institute addresses this work through education and advocacy activities in national and international forums. Our aim is not just to come up with a list of new policy solutions but to reframe the basic terms on which public debate takes place. Our goal is to stimulate public discussion and debate while creating an informed citizenry that can craft a new vision of action for the future.  

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Informes e investigaciones
Diciembre, 2021
Sri Lanka

Endless War: The Destroyed Land, Life, and Identity of the Tamil People in Sri Lanka, brings forth shocking new evidence on the extent of the continued persecution of the minority Tamil population in the North and East of the country.

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Enero, 2019

Date: 2019

Source: Foncier & Développement

Par: Frédéric Mousseau (The Oakland Institute)

Ce rapport détaille comment la Banque Mondiale préconise des réformes, via un nouvel indicateur foncier dans le projet EBA (Enabling the Business of Agriculture), qui encourage les acquisitions de terres à grande échelle et l’expansion de l’agrobusiness dans les pays en développement.

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Informes e investigaciones
Noviembre, 2017

How They Tricked Us: Living with the Gibe III Dam and Sugarcane Plantations in Southwest Ethiopia, reveals the dire situation faced by the Indigenous in Ethiopia's Lower Omo Valley and calls for urgent action by the government.

For years, the Oakland Institute has raised alarm about the threats that the Gibe III Dam and sugarcane plantations pose to the local population in the region. Now, several years on, new field research reveals the true impact on the Indigenous communities, who have called the area home for centuries.

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Informes e investigaciones
Febrero, 2017
Papua Nueva Guinea

A landmark report from the Oakland Institute, Taking On the Logging Pirates: Land Defenders in Papua New Guinea Speak Out! elevates the voices of communities across the country who are opposing the theft of their land, made possible by the corrupt practices of local officials and foreign companies.

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Informes e investigaciones
Octubre, 2016

Backroom Bullying: The Role of the United States Government in the Herakles Farms’ Land Grab in Cameroon, shows how bullying by US government officials may have played a critical role in the granting of nearly 20,000 ha by the Cameroonian government to the US-based firm Herakles Farms in 2013, instead of the cancellation of clearly flawed project.

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