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Community Organizations Rural Women’s Assembly of Southern Africa
Rural Women’s Assembly of Southern Africa
Rural Women’s Assembly of Southern Africa



The Rural Women’s Assembly (RWA) is a self-organised network or alliance of national rural women’s movements, assemblies, grassroots organisations and chapters of mixed peasant unions, federations and movements across eight countries in the SADC region.

Over a period of four years, we have gathered together poor, rural women into regional Rural Women’s Assemblies; into international platforms coinciding with major multi-lateral events, such as COP 17 and Rio +20; and into regional lobbying processes that have run parallel to SADC meetings, as well. National chapters of the RWA have also organised their own lobbying events and activities to coincide with important national meetings, summits and on international days, such as International Rural Women’s Day and International Women’s Day.



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Memorandum from the Rural Women's Assembly to the UNFCCC, the Government of the Republic of South Africa and the Governments of Africa

Legislation & Policies
Enero, 2011
Southern Africa

We the Rural Women’s Assembly of Southern Africa, meeting in Durban on the event of the 17th Conference of Parties of the UNFCCC in Durban from 30 November to 5 December 2011 demand that governments take the following immediate steps to address the clear and present danger posed to rural communities by the climate crisis.