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Junio 1996
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Ukraine shall be a sovereign and independent, democratic, social, law-based state (Article 1). The sovereignty of Ukraine shall extend throughout its entire territory. Ukraine shall be a unitary state. The territory of Ukraine within its present borders shall be indivisible and inviolable (Article 2). Everyone shall have the right to an environment that is safe for life and health, and to compensation for damages caused by violation of this right. Everyone shall have the right to a standard of living sufficient for themselves and their families including adequate nutrition, clothing, and housing (Article 48). Everyone shall be guaranteed the right of free access to information about the environmental situation, the quality of foodstuffs and consumer goods, as well as the right to disseminate such information. No one shall make such information secret (Article 50). It consists of 161 Articles divided into 15 Sections: General Principles (I); Human and citizens rights, freedoms and duties (II); Elections, referendum (III); The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (IV); The President of Ukraine (V); The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, other executive authorities (VI); Public prosecution (VII); Justice (VIII); Territorial structure of Ukraine (IX); The Autonomous Republic of Crimea (X); Local self-government (XI); The Constitutional Court of Ukraine (XII); Making amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine (XIII); Final provisions (XIV); and Transitional provisions (XV). The land, its subsoil, atmosphere, water and other natural resources within the territory of Ukraine, natural resources of its continental shelf and of the exclusive (maritime) economic zone shall be the objects of property rights of the Ukrainian people. State authorities and local self-government bodies shall exercise the ownership rights on behalf of the Ukrainian people within the limits determined by this Constitution. Every citizen shall have the right to utilise the natural objects of the people’s property rights in accordance with the law. Property entails responsibility. Property shall not be used to the detriment of the individual or the society. The State shall ensure protection of rights of all property rights holders and economic operators, and the social orientation of the economy. All the property rights holders shall be equal before the law (Article 13). Land shall be the main national asset and as such shall be under special protection of the State. The property right for the land shall be guaranteed. This right shall be acquired and realised by citizens, legal persons, and the State exclusively in accordance with the law (Article 14). Ensuring environmental safety, maintaining ecological balance in the territory of Ukraine, overcoming the aftermath of the Chornobyl catastrophe – the catastrophe of global scale – and preserving the gene pool of the Ukrainian people, shall be the duty of the State (Article 16).

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