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This Law establishes legal, economic and organizational grounds for the functioning of State land cadastre. It contains VII Sections divided into 41 Articles: (I) General provisions; (II) State bodies responsible for keeping state land cadastre; (III) Data contained in state land cadastre; (IV) Keeping state land cadastre; (V) Guarantees of reliability of data contained in state land cadastre, liability in the sphere of state land cadastre; (VI) Fees and charges for services rendered by state land cadastre; and (VII) Conclusive and transitional provisions. State land cadastre shall be based upon the following principles: (a) compulsory inclusion of data related to all immovable property; (b) completeness, objectivity and reliability of inserted data, and unified mode of keeping state land cadastre; (c) availability of documentation related to all inserted data. State land cadastre shall be public property. Insertion of, access to, and utilization of data of state land cadastre shall be regulated exclusively by this Law.

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