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Diciembre 2017
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The paper addresses the issue of dissatisfaction related to spatial management in rural areas illustrated with an example of southern Poland. In this region, the spatial structure of rural areas is poor, which results, e.g., from substantial fragmentation and scattering of land. Additionally, the Land and Property Register, also known as the real property cadastre for the area is not up to date, and fails to meet social expectations, in particular those regarding the ownership title. Being the basis for calculating the property tax, this register should be reliable and regularly updated, which unfortunately is not always the case. These circumstances may often lead to social dissatisfaction. The aim of the paper is to present surveying and legal processes that may influence prevention and resolution of causes of dissatisfaction and, at the same time, improve the spatial structure of rural areas. The authors have analysed the problems that may result in potential dissatisfaction. The results show that there are activities that may limit or prevent disputes. These include such actions as modernisation of the Land and Property Register or the land consolidation and exchange procedure, including the range of negative impact of motorways.

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Noszczyk, T., University of Agriculture in Krakow (Poland) Hernik, J., University of Agriculture in Krakow (Poland) Glowacka, A., University of Agriculture in Krakow (Poland) Taszakowski, A., University of Agriculture in Krakow (Poland)

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