Women’s Access to Land and Property Rights in the Plural Justice System of Timor-Leste | Land Portal

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Noviembre 2014
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The Centre of Studies for Peace and Development (CEPAD) with support from UN Women, conducted participatory action research over a period of 12 months in order to examine women’s access to justice in the plural legal system of Timor-Leste with a focus on women’s rights to land and property. The interconnection between land, gender and justice in Timor-Leste is particularly important to examine in light of draft land legislation which is currently tabled in the National Parliament as well as a forthcoming law on customary justice and a forthcoming law on mediation which are in the drafting stages within the Ministry of Justice.1 CEPAD hopes this research can make a contribution to the development and implementation of these pieces of legislation, as well as serving as a reference for justice actors in the state and customary systems.

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