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Francisco Sarmento

The Institute of Hunger Studies (Instituto de Estudios del Hambre IEH) is a non-profit and independent organization founded in Spain in 2001 with the goal to fight against hunger and improve feeding in developing countries.

IEH´s main activities aim at providing support through research, training and technical assistance to governments, public and private institutions and civil society organizations in developing their hunger eradication policies and strategies.

IEH relies on the professional analytical and practical capacities of a group of researchers, trainers and technicians with professional working experience with international organizations in both development (FAO, UNDP, IICA-OAS, European Commission) and emergency (ECHO and OCHA), and also with the Spanish Cooperation, NGO, training centres and agro-food enterprises.

IEH professionals have gained their field experience in several food insecure geographical areas and countries; in particular they have extensively worked in Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Sahel and Southeast Asia. IEH also participates in training, advocacy, research and raising awareness activities in european countries.

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