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Mozambique has the potential to be a major supplier of baobab powder and oil and Baobab Products Mozambique is leading the way. We are bringing high quality organically certified products to national and international markets while making sure that the benefits from this trade are shared fairly with suppliers and their communities.

BPM is a shareholding company and Eco-Micaia set aside 20% of the shares for the women Baobab harvesters. BPM, with help from our partner Micaia, is working to enable the harvesters to play an active role in the planning and running of our company, and ultimately share in its success.

We are committed to sustainable harvesting, planting of baobab trees, and running our Company to the highest environmentally sustainable standards. All Harvesters who supply BPM receive training in sustainable harvesting and organic control systems. We work closely with our main NGO partner, Micaia Foundation to enable communities living in and close to baobab forest areas to establish natural resource management plans and secure protection for the forests.


Alongside our exports of organically certified baobab products for the world market, we are determined to create a suite of finished products for local and southern African markets.

Always striving for quality and distinctiveness,we want to show that African companies can compete with the best international brands.

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