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Expertise France, also known an Agence Francaise d'Expertise Technique Internationale, is the French agency for international technical expertise created by the merger on 1 January 2015 between six French technical assistance operators (FEI, ADETEF, ADECRI, SPSI, ESTHER, INTER).

Its role is to help implement French policy on cooperation, development assistance and economic influence. Expertise France endeavours to meet the growing demand in developing, emerging and European neighbourhood countries for expertise in building public policies and addressing institutional, economic, demographic, social and environmental challenges.

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Mobilisation des financements climat en Afrique de l’Ouest : retours d’expérience de la création et de l’opérationnalisation des fonds nationaux climat

Informes e investigaciones
Diciembre, 2022
África occidental, Benin, Malí

Fonds nationaux climat : opportunités de financement pour la lutte contre les changements climatiques

Chargé de programme, Changement climatique et Services climatiques Direction de l’Environnement et des Ressources Naturelles

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The project aims at 1/ implementing cartographic facilities for 5 pilot zone of Port au Prince; 2/ develop a methology to identify and secure land rights; 3/ support the development of surveyors and public notaries organizations; 4/ support the definition of a new land governance policy. This project is linked with the IDB rural land project

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