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The Law and Society Trust (LST) is a legal research and advocacy organisation founded in 1982 in Colombo, Sri Lanka by the late Dr. Neelan Tiruchelvam. Our goals are the promotion of legal reforms for access to justice, justiciability of rights, and public accountability

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Library Resource
The State of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Sri Lanka

A Joint Civil Society Shadow Report to the United Nations Committee on Economic Social and Cultural Rights

Informes e investigaciones
Abril, 2017
Sri Lanka

Coming two years after a political transition from post-war authoritarianism, this Shadow Report to the United Nations Committee on Economic Social and Cultural Rights is framed in the backdrop of two concurrent processes of ‘transformation’ currently underway in Sri Lanka. The first is the process of constitutional reform initiated by the Government that was elected on the platform of restoring democratic, inclusive and accountable governance.

Library Resource
State Lands and Land Laws: A Hand Book
Documentos de conferencias e informes
Diciembre, 2015
Sri Lanka

The state owns over 80% of the land in Sri Lanka. The remainder is owned by private parties. Under the State Lands Encroachments Ordinance, all waste lands, forest lands, unoccupied and uncultivated lands are presumed to belong to the state until the contrary is proved (section 7) and all cinnamon land which have been uninterruptedly possessed by the state for over 30 years are held and deemed to belong to the state (section 6).

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