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Womankind Worldwide is a global women’s rights organisation working in solidarity and equal partnership with women’s rights organisations and movements to transform the lives of women.


Our vision is of a just world where the rights of all women are respected, valued and realised.

We work to support and strengthen women’s movements to change the world for women. Our small team is based in the UK and we work in partnership with women’s rights organisations and movements primarily in Africa and Asia. Our current focus countries are EthiopiaKenyaNepalUganda and Zimbabwe.  

We also advocate for governments and international agencies to protect and promote women’s rights through our policy and campaigns work. 


Womankind Worldwide Resources

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Digging deep: The impact of Uganda’s land rush on women’s rights cover image
Informes e investigaciones
Marzo 2018

Land – its access, control and ownership – lies at the heart of power relationships within Uganda. The struggle for land is deeply intertwined with the struggle for women’s rights. Women’s access to and control over resources and economic decision making is fundamental to the achievement of their rights.

Informes e investigaciones
Febrero 2018

Includes methodology and research sites; land, the law and women’s rights in Uganda; women’s rights – lost in the land rush; economic policy and land as a commodity; women’s rights activists – promoting women’s land rights; recommendations.

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