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The Policy Papers & Briefs resource type is meant for publications and resources that contain policy directions and/or assessments, as well as briefs describing a land-related situation. Different terminologies are used by different organizations, such as country profiles, issue briefs, fact sheets and/or knowledge notes, as well as policy focus reports.

Documents de politique et mémoires
mai 2017
Afrique septentrionale
Asie occidentale

As an international actor in addressing food insecurity among refugees and other migrants, the World  Food Programme (WFP) has undertaken a research study to determine the role that food security plays in cross-border migration. Given the dearth of data on this topic, the WFP  study sought to answer some of the following questions: What is it that compels people to leave their homes?

Land-at-scale Zimbabwe
Documents de politique et mémoires
février 2021

In this onepager, you can find details on the LAND-at-scale project in Zimbabwe. This project is implemented by FAO and BEAT, and financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs via the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. 

Agricultural land acquisition by foreign investors in Pakistan
Documents de politique et mémoires
juillet 2012

This paper explores the Pakistani government’s 2009 agricultural investment policy package — a response to increasing foreign investor interest in agricultural land — and considers the likely implications for local communities.

Combatting Land Corruption
Documents de politique et mémoires
décembre 2020

Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power to acquire illicit benefit for private gain. Corrupt practices in the context of land administration and land management have come to be known as ‘land corruption’. As with all other forms of corruption, it thrives in the dark corners of closed systems where transparency is lacking, and accountability can be avoided.

Documents de politique et mémoires
juin 2010
Viet Nam

Với việc phần lớn diện tích rừng đã được người dân địa phương quản lý và sự tham gia sớm vào các sáng kiến Sẵn sàng REDD+, Việt Nam trở thành một nước tiên phong trên toàn cầu về hành động giảm thiểu tác động của biến đổi khí hậu dựa vào cộng đồng trong lĩnh vực lâm nghiệp. Tuy nhiên, để làm được điều này cần giải quyết một số vấn đề lớn.

Documents de politique et mémoires
juin 2019

On the occasion of the World Environment Day 2019, the Government of Myanmar launched two new policies that will guide Myanmar’s environmental management and climate change strategy.

National Environmental Policy of Myanmar 2019 and Myanmar Climate Change Policy 2019

Documents de politique et mémoires
décembre 2016
Viet Nam

The approval of the 2004 Forest protection and Development Law was a milestone which marked the legal recognition of community forestry in Viet Nam. Yet, general understanding of community forests as only the area legally allocated to village communities has undervalued the role of community forestry.

Documents de politique et mémoires
mars 2009
Asia du sud-est

The scale of REDD is one of the most important issue being discussed in the ongoing REDD debate. Three options exist: national, sub-national and a nested approach. Between 28 February and 2 March 200, twelve participants from eight Asia-Pacific countries came together in Bangkok to discuss issues of REDD scale. This brief synthesizes their opinions. 

Documents de politique et mémoires
novembre 2019

Kembalinya isu agraria di ranah kebijakan nasional merupakan periode penting setelah berakhirnya Orde Baru. Kebijakan Reforma Agraria dan Perhutanan Sosial (RA/PS) telah masuk dalam RPJMN 2014-2019. Sejumlah 12,7 juta ha kawasan hutan diperuntukkan sebagai  Perhutanan Sosial dan 9 juta ha sebagai Tanah Obyek Reforma Agraria (TORA).

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