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La section pays portfolio offre un espace permettant aux utilisateurs d’explorer et de mieux comprendre les enjeux liés à la gouvernance foncière dans divers pays du monde. L'information peut prendre la forme de récits facile à comprendre, de nouvelles, d’évènements, de blogues, ou de ressources bibliothécaires.

L'information peut prendre la forme de récits facile à comprendre,  de nouvelles, d’évènements, de blogues, ou de ressources bibliothécaires.  Une liste de plus de 529 indicateurs et 27 bases de données provenant d'un large éventail de fournisseurs d'informations est également disponible pour les utilisateurs engagés.

La plupart des informations ci-dessous ont été développées en collaboration avec des organismes partenaires locaux et sont basées sur des données compréhensives.  Le but ultime est de créer un guichet unique servant de répertoire d’information facile à trouver et à partager.





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Peru agriculture land

Peru shares the main land-related problems of several South American countries: the existence of very large landholdings (latifundios), on the one hand, and small landholdings (minifundios), on the other, in historical processes marked by the interests of actors such as landowners, agro-industrialists, peasants, and indigenous communities. However, unlike some neighboring countries, the dynamics of these elements are different due to a series of particular agricultural policies and their respective results, which have placed Peru as one of the main producers and exporters of agricultural crops in the region.

Learn more about successes and challenges and find more detailed land governance data in Peru.

Despite the achievement of Constitutional democracy in 1994, 'the land question' is at the heart of South Africa's struggles to overcome the cumulative legacies of nearly 350 years of white minority rule. The emotive quality of land policies evokes painful legacies fuelled by disappointments with the official land reform programme ushered in by the new Constitution of 1996. There is broad agreement that land reform programmes have not fulfilled their aims to significantly redistribute land and productive agrarian capacity, strengthen land tenure for the majority, and settle the restitution claims of victims of land dispossession.

Learn more about the successes and challenges in South Africa.

Rwanda agriculture land governance

Rwanda is a small country and landlocked. It covers an area of 26,338 km². In Rwanda, land is an important issue due to two different characteristics: first is that Rwanda is one of the most densely populated countries in the world (416 people per km2 – (NISR, 2012). Being an agricultural country, where over 85% of its working class citizens depend on agriculture, adds more pressure on land as the sole economic capital to the rural peasants.

Learn more about successes and challenges and find more detailed land governance data in Rwanda.


Zambia has a bifurcated land tenure system which results from a legacy of colonial land administration. Under the British governor in 1928, Zambian land was divided into crown land and reserve native land. Later in 1947 the Native Trust Order was passed which gave birth to trust land. Crown land made up 6 percent of the country, while native and trust land both totalled up to 94 percent. After independence, crown land was converted to state land. Reserve native and trust land remained as such until the 1995 Land Act at which point these tenure types began being labeled as "customary" land. The Land Acquisition Act of 1970 inspired the ‘zambianisation’ (nationalisation) program, which sealed the deal of the 1975 Land (Conversion of Titles) Act that halted freehold tenure system in Zambia. All land in Zambia has since then been vested in the President, who holds it in perpetuity on behalf of the Zambian people.

Learn more about successes and challenges and find more detailed land governance data in Zambia.

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