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Does Indonesia really need a land bank?
27 Julho 2021
Palm oil CIFOR.jpg
6 Julho 2021
Maaike van den Berg

The main objective of the LAND-at-scale program is to directly strengthen essential land governance components for men, women and youth that have the potential to contribute to structural, just, sustainable and inclusive change at scale. An ambitious objective, that cannot be achieved in isolation. Alignment is, therefore, a key factor in all LAND-at-scale activities - be it at project level for our country interventions or through our collaborative approach to knowledge management.

Land and compensation in Zimbabwe: frequently asked questions
23 Novembro 2020
Prof. Ian Scoones

The debate about compensation of former white farmers in Zimbabwe continues to rage. The compensation agreement signed in July agreed a total amount of US$3.5 billion to pay for ‘improvements’ to the land that was expropriated. After 20 years of discussion, this was a major step forward. However, there seem to be multiple positions on the agreement and little consensus, along with much misunderstanding. However, some things are happening, and a joint resource mobilisation committee has been established with technical support from the World Bank and others.

3rd Mekong Regional Land Forum: Forum Replay
26 Maio 2021
Sudeste Asiático

Summaries and selected replays from the 3rd Mekong Regional Land Forum are available below. Full replays of the plenary sessions will be posted shortly -- check back soon!

Land-grabs – the new red flag for Uzbek cotton sector
19 Fevereiro 2021

Originally published at:

Written by Lynn Schweisfurth


Apparel brands are said to be eyeing Uzbekistan as a potential source of cotton, particularly with Xinjiang cotton now the subject of US sanctions. A process of reform has made significant progress on forced labour issues in Uzbekistan, but now another issue has arisen: land-grabs.

4 Maio 2021
Mr. Malcolm Childress

* Any views expressed in this opinion piece are those of the author and not of Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Land insecurity and inequality are endemic and keep families trapped in poverty for generations

Malcolm Childress is co-director of Prindex and executive director of Global Land Alliance

Foto: Alfredo Zuniga AFP
19 Abril 2021
África subsariana

Governo vem adotando posicionamento favorável à promoção dos interesses privados em detrimento do exercício do seu papel de proteger efetivamente os direitos das populações no país.

Por Isabella Lamas*  

AFP via Getty Images
3 Dezembro 2020
Por Internation Land Coalition 
Estudo revela como as políticas neoliberais criam um campo de ''desertos verdes'': sem trabalho, devastador e monótono. Oligarquia rural, agronegócio e fundos especulativos unem-se, controlam terras e são cada vez mais hostis à democracia
Tomás Munita
30 Junho 2020
América do Sul
Kris Tompkins, da Tompkins Conserva tion, faz uma pausa junto da lagoa de La Pepa no Parque Nacional da Patagónia, no Chile. A floresta em recuperação acolhe uma população, em crescimento lento, de huemules, um veado ameaçado dos Andes. “A paisagem sem animais selvagens é um mero cenário”, resume. 
A Tompkins Conservation é parceira da iniciativa “Last Wild Places/Os Últimos Lugares Selvagens” da National Geographic Society.
Espaço Feminista
16 Maio 2020
Espaço Feminista
América Latina e Caribe
América do Sul
Conheçam a pequena comunidade de Jacaré de Gonçalves Ferreira, em Caruaru, Brasil, onde um grupo de mulheres está celebrando sua vitória. 
Google Earth
Mapa de Localização do Sitio do Jacaré, Caruaru, Pernambuco. Fonte: Google Earth
Fonte: Agronoticias
30 Janeiro 2020
América Latina e Caribe
América do Sul
A aquisição de terras por estrangeiros é regulamentada há bastante tempo
A Lei 5.709 de 1971 regula a aquisição de imóveis rurais tanto por estrangeiros residentes no país quanto por pessoas jurídicas estrangeiras autorizadas a funcionar no Brasil, em conjunto com os pareceres exarados pela Advocacia Geral da União sobre o tema.





O CNPq foi criado pela Lei nº 1.310, de 15 de janeiro de 1951, com a denominação de Conselho Nacional de Pesquisas. Na ocasião, o art. 1º, §1º dessa lei atribuiu ao conselho personalidade jurídica própria e o subordinou diretamente à Presidência da República. Posteriormente, a Lei nº 6.129, de 6 de novembro de 1974 transformou o Conselho Nacional de Pesquisas no atual Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico e reformulou sua configuração jurídica, atribuindo-o personalidade jurídica de direito privado, sob a forma de fundação.

Malaysian Journal of Economic Studies

The primary purpose of the journal is to promote publications of original research related to the Malaysian economy. It is also designed to serve as an outlet for studies on the South-east Asian countries and the Asian region. The journal also considers high-quality works related to other regions that provide relevant policy lessons to Malaysia. The journal is receptive to papers in all areas of economics. We encourage specifically contributions on all range of economic topics of an applied or policy nature.

Agribank is a State-Owned Enterprise with the mandate to promote the growth and development of agriculture through affordable and innovative financing. Agribank has been operating in Namibia for over 25 years.

Agribank Act No. 5/2003, as amended, provide the legal framework for regulating the business of the bank and to expand the business operations to be responsive to the changing environment. The Act mandates Agribank to advance money to persons or financial intermediaries to promote agriculture and activities related to agriculture.

Asia Pacific Viewpoint

Asia Pacific Viewpoint publishes academic research in geography and allied disciplines on the economic and social development of the Asia Pacific. Particular attention is paid to the interplay between development and the environment and to the growing interconnections between countries in the region. Coverage includes:

Asia Survey

The only academic journal of its kind produced in the United States, Asian Survey provides a comprehensive retrospective of contemporary international relations within South, Southeast, and East Asian nations. As the Asian community’s matrix of activities becomes increasingly complex, it is essential to have a sourcebook for sound analysis of current events, governmental policies, socio-economic development, and financial institutions. In Asian Survey you’ll find that sourcebook.

Bertelsmann Stiftung

The Bertelsmann Stiftung is committed to ensuring everyone can participate in society. Since the foundation was established in 1977, roughly 380 employees at our Gütersloh headquarters and other international locations have developed a wide range of projects and initiatives designed to achieve this goal.

Our mission is to support the building of businesses throughout Africa and South Asia, to create jobs, and to make a lasting difference to people’s lives in some of the world’s poorest places.

cee bankwatch network

Our vision is an environmentally, socially and economically just world, built on solidarity, participation and respect for ecological limits. People enjoy fulfilling lives and are aware of and responsible for the consequences of their actions.

Our contribution

To make this vision become reality, we are working to prevent the environmentally and socially harmful impacts of international development finance, and to promote alternative solutions and public participation.

The Centre for Development and Enterprise (CDE) is an independent policy research and advocacy organisation. It is one of South Africa’s leading development think tanks, focusing on critical national development issues and their relationship to inclusive economic growth and democratic consolidation. By examining South African and international experience, CDE formulates practical policy proposals outlining ways in which South Africa can tackle major social and economic challenges. CDE has a special focus on the role of business and markets in development.

O CENTRO DE DESENVOLVIMENTO AGROECOLÓGICO SABIÁ é uma organização não governamental com sede no Recife, Pernambuco, fundada em 1993, que trabalha para promoção da agricultura familiar dentro dos princípios da agroecologia. Desenvolvendo e multiplicando a Agricultura Agroflorestal, também conhecida como Agrofloresta ou Sistemas Agroflorestais. Juridicamente é uma associação civil de direito privado sem finalidade econômica, de natureza técnico-ecológica e educacional.


The mission of the Agriculture Promotion Centre (Centro de Promoção da Agricultura (CEPAGRI)) is

  • to make underteake economic analysis to support policy decisions and guide investments in strategic areas in agriculture;
  • to identify and promote opportunities for investments and good practices in agribusiness;
  • to promote and guide private investment in commercial agriculture. 

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ADB/Jawad Jalali
14 Setembro 2021
Foto: ADB/Jawad Jalali. Produtores plantam batatas no Afeganistão.
Jawed Kargar/dpa/picture alliance
19 Agosto 2021

Valiosas reservas de ferro, cobre, lítio, cobalto e terras-raras são trunfo de fundamentalistas para futuras relações com outros países. China já mostra interesse.

O Talibã obteve um enorme trunfo financeiro e geopolítico para suas futuras relações com as maiores potências mundiais ao tomar o poder no Afeganistão, no domingo passado (15/08).

Cheng Xuelei/VCG/Getty Images
5 Julho 2021
O grupo pretende levantar US$ 10 bilhões listando suas ações, o que provavelmente será a maior abertura de capital do ano

A gigante de defensivos agrícolas Syngenta Group está expandindo rapidamente seus serviços na China antes de realizar listagem no mercado de ações em Xangai.