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WOLTS gender and land champions in Tanzania
27 Abril 2023
Joyce Ndakaru
África Oriental

Many rural communities in Tanzania share similar challenges from mining companies and investors. I have seen first-hand how men and women gender and land champions can help.

Pastoralists in Kenya, 2021
20 Abril 2023
Dr. Rick de Satgé
África subsariana

Esta compilação do O que ler examina a criação de animais em sistemas pastoris e apresenta pesquisas recentes que analisam a relação entre os meios de subsistência pastoris e as mudanças climáticas globais.

16 Julho 2021
Dr. Agnes M. Kalibata
Dr. Michael Taylor

Our food systems are in urgent need of transformation, as humanity faces one of our biggest challenges yet; feeding a future population of 10 billion people with safe and nutritious food while keeping a healthy planet. Our food system has the power to tip the scales and transform the future of our planet and humankind.

Participants of the 2020 India Land and Development Conference
10 Março 2020
Mr. Pranab Choudhury

About 350 land actors from government, academia, civil society and business came together from more than 15 states and outside India to discuss and debate various land issues. In more than 30 sessions, about 150 speakers and panelists deliberated over 3 days around interdisciplinary land-conversations to generate important information and evidence for policy, practice and academics.

Ten important land messages that emerge from these land conversations are:

Camile Cortez
22 Março 2020
África subsariana
Em Angola persiste a fome, corpos magros, olhares vagos, conforme denunciou a Amnistia Internacional num relatório recente e que relembramos neste Dia Mundial da Água.
Por Pedro A. Neto 
7 Janeiro 2020
Fiona Flintan

The Rangelands Initiative of the International Land Coalition (ILC) is drawing attention to rangelands and drylands at the highest levels, in order to find solutions to the challenges faced by local populations that live and work there, and to encourage appropriate investment including in securing land rights and good governance, building resilience to drought and other shocks or stresses, and increasing rangeland productivity.

Fonte: Jornal Económico
15 Outubro 2019

Por Jéssica Sousa

Este relatório documenta como, nas últimas duas décadas após a guerra civil, a invasão de criadores comerciais de gado nas pastagens tradicionais da Tunda dos Gambos e Vale do Chimbolela tem erodido a resiliência económica, social e cultural, nomeadamente a segurança alimentar, entre os povos Vanyaneke e Ovaherero em Gambos, Angola.

Women working in a field  Women at work in Sri Lanka. Photo: Lakshman Nadaraja/World Bank
26 Setembro 2018
Olivier De Schutter

This week in Geneva, the Human Rights Council is expected to take a position on the follow-up to a draft Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and Other Persons Working in Rural Areas. Five years after the start of the negotiations, we are at a turning point.




Swiss Church Aid (HEKS/EPER )

HEKS champions the cause of a more humane and just world and a life in dignity. Internationally, HEKS/EPER focuses on rural community development, humanitarian aid and inter-church cooperation. 

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