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Janeiro 2014
Ásia Meridional

During the 1990s, powerful development institutions like the World Bank came to see the social networks and norms of the rural poor in developing countries as 'assets' to be tapped for poverty alleviation.

Março 2012

Preparation of the $1.45 billion Nam
Theun 2 (NT2) project in the Lao People's Democratic
Republic (Lao PDR) represented an important milestone for
the government, the developers, international partners, and
other stakeholders. The story of its preparation and

Setembro 2010
América Latina e Caribe

El documento hace una comparación de los cambios ocurridos en la propuesta Yasuni-ITT, entre los términos de referencia (versión 2009) y el acuerdo entre el PNUD y el gobierno ecuatoriano (versión 3 agosto 2010). El documento forma parte de la serie Análsis de coyuntura de Comité Ecuménico de Proyectos (CEP).

Relatórios e Pesquisa
Documentos e Resumos de Políticas
Junho 2010
Costa do Marfim

This report is the final product of a country case study prepared in the framework of the comparative analysis of organization and performance of cotton sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa, a study published by the World Bank in 2008.

Artigos e Livros
Novembro 2009

Several researchers, who have observed that traditional cooperatives have difficulties in modern markets, mention a number of behavioral concepts characterizing the members. This study attempts to empirically test these concepts. It is based on a survey among members of a large traditional Swedish cooperative.

Artigos e Livros
Dezembro 2008

Agistment is the practice of temporarily moving stock between properties, and is used by pastoralists both to strategically develop their enterprises and as a response to environmental heterogeneities such as variation in rainfall. This paper considers the agistment market in the northern Australian rangelands using the 'market failure framework'.

Relatórios e Pesquisa
Fevereiro 2008

Includes the return process, public knowledge of land rights, land conflicts and dispute resolution, post-conflict vulnerable group issues, performance of land administration institutions, recommendations. Finds the issue of return not adequately dealt with in the NLP. 92% have returned in Lango, but only 5% in Acholi.

Relatórios e Pesquisa
Janeiro 2007

A second report for the World Bank’s Northern Uganda Recovery and Development Program – RDP. The objective is to inform policy processes on post-conflict land policy and administration on likely types of land conflicts and claims, their resolution, gaps in current land policy, resources needed. Survey suggests that Teso’s IDP displacement patterns are unique.

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