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Agosto 2014

This report aims to assist the
Government of the Maldives in designing and implementing
social protection reforms, in particular for pensions and
safety nets. The report gives an overview of poverty, risk
and vulnerability…

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Novembro 2013

This Guide has been developed to assist in the implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the Context of National Food Security (the VGGT) with regard to fisheries in marine and inland waters. It explains the…

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Novembro 2013

The purpose of the United Nations challenge badges is to raise awareness, educate and, most of all, motivate young people to change their behaviour and be active agents of change in their local communities. Challenge badges are appropriate for use with school classes and youth groups, and…

Julho 2013

The people of the Maldives have made
substantial progress over the past two decades, as reflected
in rising incomes and improving social indicators. This
report provides an update on this progress, with an

Junho 2013

The unifying theme of the public
expenditure review is the growth and poverty focus of public
expenditures, evolving around the question of how effective
public expenditures are in addressing Maldives'

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Novembro 2012

The Country Programming Framework (CPF) is formulated to sharpen the focus and define the priorities for the next five years. It will be used as a road map and a medium term framework for programming collaboration between FAO and the GoM.

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Novembro 2012

This AQUASTAT report presents the most recent information available on water resources and their use in the 22 countries in the Southern and Eastern Asia region. Clearly it has an emphasis on agricultural water use and management. But in addition it contains the relevant tables and maps, and a…

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Novembro 2009

This study provides an introduction to the right to food and human rights principles in international law, explores the relationship between international fisheries instruments and the right to food and seeks to identify components that are considered important for the implementation of the…

Reports & Research
Novembro 2009

FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), Germany, IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development), Finland, GTZ (Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit), UN-Habitat, World Bank and UNDP, and IPC (International NGO/CSO Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty),…

Novembro 2008

The constitution was approved by a Special Majlis and given assent by the President before it was published in the government gazette.

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Novembro 2007

Following the widespread wreckage and loss of life caused by the Indian Ocean tsunami of 26 December 2004, unprecedented efforts where made to restore order and rebuild the lives and livelihoods of the millions affected. A proportion of the reconstruction and rehabilitation effort was focused on…