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Journal Articles & Books
Novembro 1999

Abstract not available.

National Policies
Dezembro 1998

This Second National Environment Action Plan is a nation-wide sectoral document that provides a framework to guide the efforts in ensuring that the Maldives continues to develop in a sustainable manner. The approach taken in the formulation of this NEAP II results in drawing out a number of key…

Journal Articles & Books
Novembro 1998

A discussion of the concerns of the environmental movement in the Asia-Pacific region with reference to biological diversity, forest loss, indigenous and forest-dependant people and climate change. The environmental perspective of different aspects of forestry development in the region is…

Policy Papers & Briefs
Novembro 1997

The Regional Workshop convened by M S Swaminathan Research Foundation in collaboration with the Bay of Bengal Programme of FAO (BOBP) is designed to address these issues and to develop an action plan for saving the remaining coral reefs in the SAARC region. Since its establishment in 1989, M S S…

Journal Articles & Books
Novembro 1997

For much of the world's tropical population, coral reefs are synonymous with reef fish and edible marine invertebrates. Reef-related fisheries are important to small-scale fisherfolk, as a source of both protein and livelihood security for local coastal communities. In all of Asia, coral…

Journal Articles & Books
Novembro 1995

This publication presents guidelines originally published in 1985 as FAO Investment Technical Paper No. 1 and revised in 1995 as Technical Paper No. 7. This 2005 web PDF version generally follows the 1995 print edition, but includes several updated sections. These guidelines have been prepared…