Addressing the risks of a weak legal framework governing forest conversion in Liberia | Land Portal

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Novembro 2016
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Agriculture and mining are increasingly driving deforestation in Liberia, as trees are cleared to make way for plantations and mines. The environmental impacts of deforestation are devastating, but the people and communities who live in the forest are also at risk.

Industries like farming and mining have the potential to boost the economy, but strong laws are essential to mitigate environmental impacts and ensure local communities’ rights are recognised and upheld. Liberia’s forestry and land laws have not yet been updated to deal with forest conversion, so it remains partially unregulated and lacks appropriate government oversight.

ClientEarth has reviewed the laws governing forest conversion in Liberia, to understand the major risks stemming from inconsistent and incomplete legal frameworks, and to suggest potential legal means to address them.

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Caroline Haywood and Clotilde Henriot


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