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In Liberia, issues around land and natural resources are at the core of peace, prosperity, and reconstruction. After the civil wars (1989-1997, 1999-2003) – fueled in part by conflicts over land and natural resource rights and funded with timber and diamonds—the country underwent a long comprehensive reform period that resulted in the Land Rights Act of 2018. The new land law is celebrated as a milestone in the whole region, promoting equitable access to land and resources, tenure security, investment, and development. 
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Disputed rubber plantations in Liberia at centre of legal challenge

Liberia: Dispossessed indigenous Kpelle communities take legal action

20 October 2022

22 Communities dispossessed of their customary land sue Salala Rubber Corp and the Liberian Government.     Residents of 22 indigenous Kpelle communities, dispossessed of their customary land, cultural sites, and livelihoods, have filed a groundbreaking legal action against the Salala Rubber…

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Green Advocates International, ARD, Others Launch CALLS Project

9 December 2021

Green Advocates International (GAI), Alliance for Rural Democracy (ARD), Natural Resource Women Platform (NRWP) recently launched the Community Advocacy for Land and Livelihood Support (CALLS) project. Launched under the theme: “Communities Defend human rights within rubber concession’ , the…

Golden Veroleum Liberia Comes under Spotlight Again for not Living Up to MOU

Golden Veroleum Liberia Comes under Spotlight Again for not Living Up to MOU

12 August 2021

IPNEWS – Monrovia: Sustainable Development Institute (SDI) and Milieudefensie, a Dutch NGO, have accused the oil palm company Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) of not living up the full commitment of the memorandum of understanding it signed with communities in within its concession areas. At a press…



In 2018, the members of the 54th Legislature passed the long-awaited Land Rights Act that enacted the most progressive pro-community land reform law on the continent. It recognizes and protects customary land tenure and women’s rights to land.

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Groundbreakers: Women overcome bias and lead sustainable use of land and resources

8 March 2022

In many countries men control who gets to use, own, and make decisions about land. “We used to stay in a corner, quiet. If someone came to take our land or exploit our forests, we did not have the courage to try to stop them.” These words from a woman in Mecoburi, Mozambique reflect how women…

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The Root of Inequality? Customary Tenure and Women’s Rights to Land in West Africa

  Background In much of West Africa, women are considered breadwinners responsible to provide food for the family. However, women do not only own less land but also face manifold obstacles in accessing land through transfers, inheritance, or lease. The tenure security of this groups has been…