Natural Resource Women's Platform | Land Portal


Crown Hill Plaza, Broad & McDonald street


To support the voices of these women against the wrong use of their communities resources, including making sure that they are involved in the decision making process through their organization and to press for equal rights and ownership to natural resources and forest in a way that it will reduce the poor living conditions of these women and the idea of looking down upon them.

To gather and record all the things the natural resource women know concerning land ownership and their rights to the forest and find all the good ways in which communities resources can be used to benefit them , as well as bring in more good to the country. 

Lastly, to campaign for more chances and rights of these women to take part in sharing of any benefits that come from their resources and to find easy means for them to get to the markets to sell their products and also to campaign for the fair use of the money that companies pay as taxes for selling and exporting their forest resources and to provide means through which they can share ideas and experiences in their search of justice.

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