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Land legislation shall be based on the principles set out in article 3. In accordance with the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic, land may be the state, communal, private or other forms of ownership (art. 4). Article 4 also defines state lands and communal ownership. Article 5 concerns rights of foreigners to use land. Transactions with rights to a land plot shall be subject to state registration and shall not require notarization, except for the cases provided by law (art. 9). Article 10 defines the Land Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic. Other articles of main body of this Act concern the administration of land, allocation of land and land use rights, transfer of land use rights, mortgage, common use of land, public land, easements, use of land for exploration works, etc.Chapters 12 to 18 each make provision with respect to one type of classified land such as agricultural land (Chap. 12), land settlements (13), land used for transportation or industrial purposes (14), specially protected areas such as nature parks (15), land of the Forestry Fund (16), land of the Water Fund (17), and land of reserve (18). Chapters 19 and 20 concern the protection of land from bad use and degradation. Chapter 21 provides for the registration of land, the monitoring of land and the assessment of its quality, and land survey. A specially authorized state agency shall be established for these and other purposes related with the carrying into effect of this Act. Chapter 22 finally provides for the settlement of land disputes and liability for violation of provisions of this Act and other legislation relating to land.

Implemented by: Law No. 122 “Commentary of Article 6 of the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic on effectuation of the Land Code of the Kyrgyz Republic”. (2004-08-13)
Implements: Land Code of the Kyrgyz Republic. (2013-11-15)
Amended by: Law No. 78 amending some legislative acts. (2002-05-11)

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