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Biblioteca State of the world's forests 2009

State of the world's forests 2009

State of the world's forests 2009

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What will be the impact on forests of future economic development, globalized trade and increases in the world's population? The 2009 edition of the biennial State of the World's Forests looks forward, with the theme "Society, forests and forestry: adapting for the future". Part 1 summarizes the outlook for forests and forestry in each region, based on FAO's periodic regional forest sector outlook studies. Past trends and projected demographic, economic, institutional and technological changes are examined to outline the scenario to 2030. Part 2 considers how forestry will have to adapt for the future, focusing on: the global outlook for wood products demand; mechanisms for meeting the demand for environmental services of forests; changes in forest sector institutions; and developments in science and technology. This volume will serve as a source of information to support forest-related policy and research. It is hoped that it will also stimulate creative thinking and debate to enhance the future of the world's forests.

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