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Biblioteca On-Job-Training in Rangeland Survey and Restoration

On-Job-Training in Rangeland Survey and Restoration

On-Job-Training in Rangeland Survey and Restoration

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Dezembro 2022
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Rangelands in Tunisia, spanning approximately 5.5 million hectares, play a vital role in providing about 30% of livestock feed. However, widespread overexploitation, including overgrazing and wood cutting, has led to degradation and reduced productivity. To address this, a training initiative focused on rangeland survey, management, and restoration was conducted under the Livestock and Climate Initiative of OneCGIAR. The objective was to enhance the capacity of engineers and technical staff from relevant institutions.
The training covered two main themes: rangeland condition survey using modern technology like the Land-Potential Knowledge System (LandPKS) app and traditional methods, and the restoration of degraded rangelands using native species resilient to climate change. Participants learned to assess vegetation cover, composition, and soil conditions using the LandPKS app, Line-Point Intercept, and quadrat methods.
Key outcomes included the successful application of the LandPKS app, allowing for sustainable land management decisions. The course also addressed challenges in rangeland restoration, such as the lack of high-palatability seeds and the need for effective laws and regulations. The importance of community participation and adaptation to climate change was emphasized.
The training engaged stakeholders and discussed restoration techniques tailored to the level of degradation, suggesting rehabilitation as a preferred response when irreversibility thresholds are crossed. The focus was on reintroducing native species and improving soil conditions. The case study involved a severely degraded site invaded by sand dunes, necessitating the selection of suitable native species to stabilize dunes and provide livestock feed.

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