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Rwanda Women’s Network (RWN) is a national humanitarian non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to promotion and improvement of the socio-economic welfare of women in Rwanda since coming to being in 1997. Over time, the organization has dedicated its efforts to strategies that empower women and has extensive experience in fostering women’s participation and grassroots responses to community challenges. To date, RWN works with various local and international partners, and plays a capacity building and facilitating role to a network of over 52 grassroots associations across the country.


The Network’s vision is for a healthy, empowered and peaceful Rwandese society.


RWN’s mission is to work towards improvement of the socio-economic welfare of women in Rwanda through enhancing their efforts to meet their basic needs.


  • To economically empower poor women and widows in the rural and urban areas through competent financial and managerial systems
  • To foster economic and social growth within households and communities
  • To improve health status of women and children
  • To promote peace and reconciliation

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