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UNDP works in some 170 countries and territories, helping to achieve the eradication of poverty, and the reduction of inequalities and exclusion. We help countries to develop policies, leadership skills, partnering abilities, institutional capabilities and build resilience in order to sustain development results. 

Inclusive growth, better services, environmental sustainability, good governance, and security are fundamental to development progress. We offer our expertise in development thinking and practice, and our decades of experience at country level, to support countries to meet their development aspirations and to bring the voices of the world’s peoples into deliberations. 

In 2016, UNDP is continuing its work to support the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the 17 new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), or Global Goals, as they help shape global sustainable development for the next 15 years.

UNDP focuses on helping countries build and share solutions in three main areas:

In all our activities, we encourage the protection of human rights and the empowerment of women, minorities and the poorest and most vulnerable.

United Nations Development Programme Resources

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Relatórios e Pesquisa
Julho, 2013

A pesquisa sobre soluções alternativas para conflitos fundiários urbanos, Projeto BRA/05/036 Fortalecimento da Justiça Brasileira Convocação 01/12 resulta no presente relatório que tem como núcleo aprofundar o tema dos conflitos fundiários urbanos sob a  perspectiva da identificação, mapeamento, catalogação e definição de conceitos e critérios capazes de configurar verdadeiramente tais situações, bem como produzir solução processual-normativa que estabeleça a resolução alternativa de conflitos como rotina para casos desse tipo, considerando as especificidades de cada um com base em uma tipo

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Relatórios e Pesquisa
Junho, 2013

The study conducted in Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh aims to evaluate the effects of creation of assets on lands of Small and Marginal Farmers, Scheduled Cast /Scheduled Tribe  and Indira Awas Yojana Beneficiaries. 

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Manuais e Diretrizes
Março, 2013

This resource provides tools for companies and buyers to improve responsibility and due diligence along the commodity supply chain, building on the Agribusiness Supplier Development Programme (ASDP). It

• provides a brief introduction of the issues,

• provides an in-depth background on the African agricultural economy and the position of smallholders suppliers, SMEs and business in this,

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UNDP & UNEP Publication

Relatórios e Pesquisa
Janeiro, 2013

This report focuses on the role of natural resources in disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) programmes and illustrates how the management of natural resources can be used to promote more effective and sustainable reintegration.

Library Resource
Janeiro, 2013

The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) recently implemented climate risk management studies in seven countries. This report, commissioned by the United Nations Development Programme’s Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery, gives a detailed summary of efforts in a Niger wetland environment to conduct one such study, incorporating climate change with three key sectors: agriculture, livestock and water resources.

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