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Dezembro 2014

Despite the popularity and the unique nature of women's self-help groups in India, evidence on the economic impact of these groups is scant. On the basis of two rounds of surveys of 2,517 households, we use a strategy of double differences and propensity score matching to assess the economic effects of a program that promoted and strengthened self-help groups in Andhra Pradesh in India.

Agosto 2014

Women make essential contributions to agriculture in developing countries, where they constitute approximately 43 percent of the agricultural labor force. However, female farmers typically have lower output per unit of land and are much less likely to be active in commercial farming than their male counterparts.

Setembro 2013

In India, land continues to be of
enormous economic, social, and symbolic relevance. The way
in which land can be accessed and its ownership documented
is at the core of the livelihood of the large majority of
the poor, especially in rural and tribal areas and

Junho 2013

This is the final book in a three-part
series entitled, "Voices of the Poor." The series
is based on an unprecedented effort to gather the views,
experiences, and aspirations of more than 60,000 poor men
and women from sixty countries. The work was undertaken for

Junho 2013

As the second book in a three-part
series entitled Voices of the Poor, "Crying out for
Change" accounts for the voices from comparative
fieldwork among twenty three countries. Through
participatory, and qualitative research methods, the book

Artigos e Livros
Dezembro 2012

BackgroundGrasslands are a major part of the global ecosystem, covering 37 % of the earth's terrestrial area. For a variety of reasons, mostly related to overgrazing and the resulting problems of soil erosion and weed encroachment, many of the world's natural grasslands are in poor condition and showing signs of degradation.

Outubro 2012

This report focuses on the dimensions of poverty, and how to create a better world, free of poverty. The analysis explores the nature, and evolution of poverty, and its causes, to present a framework for action.

Junho 2012

India faces a turbulent water future and
the current water development and management system is not
sustainable.Unless dramatic changes are made and made soon
in the way in which government manages water, India will
have neither the cash to maintain and build new

Artigos e Livros
Julho 2011
Serra Leoa

Was the civil war in Sierra Leone (1991-2002) fought for diamonds, or was it a peasant insurgency motivated by agrarian grievances? The evidence on both sides is less than conclusive. Ibis article scrutinizes the peasant insurgency argument via a more rigorous methodology.

Artigos e Livros
Fevereiro 2010
Serra Leoa

Sierra Leone's conflict has often been characterized as a 'crisis of youth'. For some, the post-war resurgence of grassroots associational life represents the unleashing of long-suppressed youth egalitarianism, yet this analysis tends to ignore the role of international aid in providing an economic incentive for impoverished Sierra Leoneans to embrace formal association.

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