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Library The Urban Imperative

The Urban Imperative

The Urban Imperative

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Date of publication
March 2016
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The volume emphasizes the need to rethink cities and to imagine a better urban future by providing the reader with diverse perspectives on urbanization such as the changing economic landscape, city competitiveness, entrepreneurship, inclusion, informality, sustainability, and provision of essential services.

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Authors and Publishers

Author(s), editor(s), contributor(s)

Glaeser, Edward
Joshi-Ghani, Abha
Bertaud, Alain
Collier, Paul
Desmet, Klaus
Dobbs, Richard
Engel, Eduardo
Fuller, Brandon
Galetovic, Alexander
Ghani, Ejaz
Hammam, Sonia
Henderson, Vernon
Kahn, Matthew E.
Kanbur, Ravi
Keith, Michael
Lerner, Joshua
Moretti, Enrico
Pohl, Herbert
Remes, Jaana
Romer, Paul
Rossi-Hansberg, Esteban
Sassen, Saskia
Venables, Tony
Woetzel, Jonathan

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