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A non-profit NGO that works to empower women to attain their rights and to improve vulnerable population’s access to justice across Tanzania.


  • To provide legal aid services to women and children so as to safeguard their rights and improve their livelihoods.
  • To facilitate the establishment and strengthening of paralegal units across Tanzania to foster community-based education on legal and human rights, and to improve timely access to quality legal aid.
  • To lobby for change of discriminatory policies, laws and cultural practices which promote and sustain gender-based violence.
  • To prepare and publish educational materials related to women and children’s rights.
  • To develop and strengthen partnerships with like-minded organizations at the local, national and international level.
  • To prepare informational radio and television programs and liaise with the print media on issues related to gender equality and women and children’s rights
  • To prepare radio programs and liaise with the media in order to provide the masses with education about the law, gender-based violence, and human rights.
  • To conduct seminars, workshops, and conferences on different topics related to women and children’s rights to different segments of the population.

VISION: A just society that respects the rights of women and children 

MISSION: To promote access to justice and advocate for gender responsive policies for women and children

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Documentos e Resumos de Políticas
Dezembro, 2015

While the guarantees provided in the Katiba mark an extraordinary achievement for women’s land rights, many more steps are needed to reach gender-equitable land ownership in Tanzania. Mama Ardhi members therefore continue to advocate for additional changes in policy and practice that will bring about real transformation for women, their children and society as a whole. 

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