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Dezembro 2017
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The PREDICTS project—Projecting Responses of Ecological Diversity In Changing
Terrestrial Systems (—has collated from published studies a
large, reasonably representative database of comparable samples of biodiversity
from multiple sites that differ in the nature or intensity of human impacts relating to
land use. We have used this evidence base to develop global and regional statistical
models of how local biodiversity responds to these measures. We describe and
make freely available this 2016 release of the database, containing more than 3.2
million records sampled at over 26,000 locations and representing over 47,000
species. We outline how the database can help in answering a range of questions in
ecology and conservation biology. To our knowledge, this is the largest and most
geographically and taxonomically representative database of spatial comparisons of
biodiversity that has been collated to date; it will be useful to researchers and
international efforts wishing to model and understand the global status of

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Hudson, Lawrence N. Newbold, Tim Contu, Sara Hill, Samantha Lysenko, Igor De Palma, Adriana Phillips, Helen Alhusseini, Tamera Bedford, Felicity Bennett, Dominic Booth, Hollie Burton, Victoria Chng, Charlotte Choimes, Argyrios Correia, David L. P. Day, Julie Echeverria-Londono, Susy Emerson, Susan Gao, Di Garon, Morgan Harrison, Michelle Ingram, Daniel Jung, Martin Kemp, Victoria Kirkpatrick, Lucinda Martin, Callum D. Pan, Yuan Pask-Hale, Gwilym Pynegar, Edwin Robinson, Alexandra Sanchez-Ortiz, Katia Senior, Rebecca Simmons, Benno White, Hannah Zhang, Hanbin Aben, Job Abrahamczyk, Stefan Adum, Gilbert Aguilar-Barquero, Virginia Aizen, Marcelo Albertos, Belén Alcala, E. del Mar Alguacil, Maria Alignier, Audrey Ancrenaz, Marc Andersen, Alan Arbeláez-Cortés, Enrique Armbrecht, Inge Arroyo-Rodríguez, Víctor Aumann, Tom Axmacher, Jan Azhar, Badrul Azpiroz, Adrián Baeten, Lander Bakayoko, Adama Báldi, András Banks, John Baral, Sharad Barlow, Jos Barratt, Barbara Barrico, Lurdes Bartolommei, Paola Barton, Diane Basset, Yves Batáry, Peter Bates, Adam Louhaichi, Mounir Katovai, Eric Kellner, Klaus Kessler, Michael R Kirby, Kathryn E Knight, Mairi Knop, Eva Koivula, Matti Kolb, Annette Kone, Mouhamadou Korosi, adam Krauss, Jochen J. Fonte, Steven Fournier, Anne E Fowler, Robert Franzen, Markus H Fraser, Lauchlan M. Fredriksson, Gabriella B Freire Jr, Geraldo L. M. Frizzo, Tiago Furlani, Dario Gaigher, Rene U Ganzhorn, Jorg P. Garcia, Karla C. Garcia R, Juan G. Garden, Jenni Garilleti, Ricardo Ge, Bao-Ming Gendreau-Berthiaume, Benoit J. Gerard, Philippa J. Gerard Gheler-Costa, Carla Gilbert, Benjamin Giordani, Paolo Giordano, Simonetta Golodets, Carly G. L. Gomes, Laurens K. Gould, Rachelle Goulson, Dave Granjon, Laurent Grass, Ingo L. Gray, Claudia Grogan, James

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