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Resolving Land Disputes

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Dezembro 2015
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This manual outlines dispute resolution mechanisms, procedures and strategies that are or will be put in place by the Sri Lanka Ministry of Justice’s Special Mediation Boards (Land) to promote the resolution of a variety of housing, land and property disputes in the country. Sri Lanka has a long history and experience utilizing collaborative resolution methods to address a wide variety of disputes, and many recent positive experiences with mediation. Building on the successful experiences and expertise in mediation of the Sri Lankan Ministry of Justice’s Community Mediation Boards Program and the Special Mediation Boards established to address disputes arising out of the 2004 Tsunami, and the Ministry of Land and Land Development’s dispute resolution mechanism, this manual provides additional information on how dispute resolvers can provide effective assistance to parties to amicably settle land disputes and build positive working relationships, which are critical for stability, economic development and a sustainable peace.

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Jonathan D. Bartsch and Christopher W. Moore, CDR Associates, with support from Asia Foundation and DFID

Ministry of Justice Sri Lanka

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