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Sri Lanka

The island of Sri Lanka is 65,610 km²,  and is densely populated with 21.8 million people . The location, lying 50 km south of India, gave the island a strategic importance as trade shipping routes opened up around the world. This afforded attention from a number of European powers. Sri Lanka was colonised by the Portuguese in the 16th century, replaced by Dutch powers in the 17th and 18th centuries, and then the British up to independence in 1948. There is a pluralistic legal system, where a residual Roman-Dutch Law operates next to a British-style parliament and a French-style presidency but with few safeguards against abuse of power.  Economically, Sri Lanka carries a lower-middle-income status under World Bank measures.  However, this clouds a high level of income inequality, where 40% of the population live on less than 225 Sri Lankan rupees (1.2 USD) per day, and 70% of labour lies in the informal sector, without access to social welfare.
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Unable to access our lands, say Tamils in Jaffna village

27 November 2021

Govt. has declared our ancestral lands as wildlife reserve areas, say farmers In Chundikulam village, located on the eastern tip of Jaffna Peninsula, farmers are facing a peculiar challenge. They are unable to access their lands in which they have recently sowed vegetables. “Border stones of the…

Sri Lanka budget 2022: railway land for private development

12 November 2021

ECONOMYNEXT – Land owned by Sri Lanka railways will be offered for private developers for investment, Finance Minister Basil Rajapaksa said presenting a budget speech. “I propose to obtain investments through public-private partnerships and local and international sources to implement mixed…

Alienation of State land for peasantry in Sri Lanka

11 November 2021

The Land Commission of 1957 was critical of the manner in which during the past two decades land had been alienated without sufficient regard to its physical character and suitability for the purpose for which it was enacted. The Land Commission of 1987 correctly emphasized that the issues which…

Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is one of the countries most at risk of climate change, and there are fears that the extensive conversion of land, for example in wetlands, may increase vulnerability to landslides and flooding

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Restoring Land Rights in the Aftermath of War: Country Insights Digest #3 - October 2021

14 October 2021

Over the last month the news all over the world broke with stories about the departure of US forces from Afghanistan and its takeover by the Taliban. Many wonder what the future will bring to those who remained and to those who fled the country. This thought immediately raises all sorts of…