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Displacement Solutions (DS) works with climate displaced persons, communities, governments and the UN to find rights-based land solutions to climate displacement. DS also works to empower displaced people and refugees to exercise their right to return and have restored to them their original homes, lands and properties through reliance on the right to restitution. DS works together with and on behalf of people who have been displaced not only by conflict, forced eviction or other human rights abuses, but also natural disaster, climate change or other circumstances beyond their control. DS assists in finding alternative solutions such as compensation or relocation if this is their wish.

DS does not believe in simply blaming governments responsible for human rights abuses. We take human rights work one-step further to solve situations where forcibly displaced people have lost their homes. DS offers practical guidance on how to reduce, eliminate or redress such abuses. This is done through development of institutional and policy frameworks, legal advocacy, training, research and media.

Displacement Solutions is dedicated to ensuring that all displaced persons can be provided with the most viable options to returning home within the shortest possible time. These objectives are pursued through two parallel tracks: building and maintaining the world’s only Housing Land and Property Rights (HLP) Expert Registry and Proactive Catalytic HLP Projects.

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Reports & Research
December 2014

In order to face the challenge of mass migration and displacement as a result of the effects of

climate change, it is essential that Bangladesh is adequately prepared so that the vast majority of those displaced will be supported with adequate resettlement and rehabilitation schemes, whilst also ensuring that their basic human rights are respected. One of the major

Journal Articles & Books
July 2014

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today and the individuals and communities who face being displaced from their homes and lands as a result of climate change are the human faces of this tragedy. Bangladesh is one of the countries most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. The IPCC and other expert bodies have repeatedly identified Bangladesh as one of the countries most threatened by climate change.

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