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PABRA is all about beans.

We believe that beans can improve the food security, income and health of smallholder farmers and urban dwellers across Africa, as well as contribute to improved soil fertility.

We also believe that by increasing the competitiveness of bean markets, we can provide consumers with better products and contribute to the economic growth of our member countries.

We work with more than 350 partners and members across 30 countries to do just that.

Together, we deliver better beans for Africa.

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Dezembro, 2011
Essuatíni, África austral, África

Beans are an important crop for food and income generation in Swaziland. They do very well in the higher areas of the country although can be grown in all the regions. They are also the second legume to Swazi farmers after groundnuts in importance. Different farmers grow beans for different uses such as leaves, green beans or dry beans.

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