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News & Events El Land Portal te escucha: tu opinión forja el futuro
El Land Portal te escucha: tu opinión forja el futuro
The Land Portal listens: How your feedback shapes the future

We often ask for feedback from you. Knowing this takes time, effort, and thought, we are grateful that so many of you do it. We want you to know that we read and hear every single person’s comments. We implement a fairly dynamic feedback loop, but just in case you have wondered how Land Portal uses data and users’ feedback to make a real difference, here is a comprehensive look at our rigorous and participatory monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system. This blog is taken from our 2023 Annual M&E Report, which dives deep into how we collect and analyze data and user feedback to drive impactful initiatives for better land governance.  


How exactly does Land Portal listen to your feedback on its work? 

Annual User Survey

Have you taken our annual user survey? It helps us understand who uses Land Portal, how often, why our users visit us, what content is most helpful, and how we impact our users' work on land rights and governance. Last year, over 500 users shared their thoughts!

Webinar Participant Feedback Survey

Did you attend a Land Portal webinar? We send surveys to gauge its effectiveness, usefulness, and engagement, and to find out what you would like to see in our future webinars. In 2023, nearly 1 in 5 attendees provided feedback.

Outcome Narratives

We interview land rights decision-makers and practitioners to explore how the Land Portal influences their work. These discussions also help us connect users and spark collaboration. Last year, we documented 13 change narratives.

Bellwether Interviews

Land governance is complex! We interview leading policymakers to gain insights into land data accessibility and usage and to gather broader perspectives on land governance issues. We spoke with 12 key figures in 2023.

Land Portal Hears You Loud and Clear!

After exploring our various feedback channels, let's delve into the key takeaways from our 2023 Monitoring and Evaluation report and see how these insights will guide us as we navigate the exciting road ahead.


Let's start with the Annual User Survey! Here are the main takeaways:

Thrilled Users, Less Contributions

  • Good news! User satisfaction is at an all-time high. Our Net Promoter Score (a measure of loyalty and satisfaction) hit a record 55. 

  • While users love what we offer, content contributions to the Land Portal platform dropped from 38% to 28% in 2023. We want you involved! How can we make it easier and more useful for you to participate on our platform? This is our $1 million question.



Global Reach, Local Focus

  • The Land Portal serves a global audience with users from 92 countries!

  • Focus on the South: 75% of our survey responders are from the Global South, highlighting our importance as a resource for non-OECD countries. 


Language Gap? We're on it

  • Last year, a third of respondents took the survey in languages other than English. This year, that number dropped to 9%. 

  • Don't worry, we're committed to serving our diverse user base. Investing in multi-language support is a top priority.

You Crave Depth, We've Got Content

  • Country and thematic portfolios, along with insightful debates and informative webinars, are at the top of your wish list. We've got you covered.

Regular Visitors, Trusted Source

  • 76% of users visit us monthly! You rely on the Land Portal for reliable land sector updates. Finding trustworthy data and staying current on land issues is why you keep coming back.

But We Can Do More...

  • The Land Portal is a trusted source, but you want deeper engagement beyond information. Thematic events that spark discussions and offer learning opportunities are in high demand.

  • You've also requested improved website usability, more thematic portfolios, and regular dataset updates. 

We're Putting Your Needs First. Here's Whats Coming: 

  • A comprehensive engagement strategy to get you more involved.

  • Expanded and updated thematic portfolios on key land governance themes (e.g. climate change, gender, land security)

  • Regularly updated datasets and spatial data.

  • A website redesign for easier navigation and accessibility.

  • More opportunities for in-person connection in the context of regional conferences and meetings (especially in the Global South).

  • We're also committed to making the Land Portal more accessible to non-English speakers, fostering a truly global dialogue on land governance.

Moving forward to our webinar participants, what did we find out from the Webinar Feedback Surveys?

High Marks All Around

  • Nearly 80% of attendees found Land Portal webinars highly to extremely effective and useful in addressing key land governance challenges. That's a resounding vote of confidence.

Understanding Deepened, Format Approved

  • Participants' understanding of topics covered in webinars was high, with an average rating of 3.86 out of 5.

  • The webinar format itself received a thumbs up, averaging a 4.00 out of 5 for structure and delivery.


Positive Vibes 

  • The average sentiment score was 0.15 on a scale of -1 (very negative) to 1 (very positive). This indicates a generally favorable experience.


With this valuable feedback from webinar participants, we are hoping to improve our webinars and make them:

  • More interactive by integrating more Q&A sessions, live polls, and breakout room discussions.
  • More accessible and inclusive by using live captioning, translation services, and materials in diverse languages.
  • Continuously useful through post-event discussions.
  • More diverse by incorporating local contexts, global trends, and speakers from various regions and sectors.

Now let us try to see things from a strategic perspective through our Outcome and Bellwether interviews. 

Decision-makers and land practitioners shared valuable insights about their experience with our website:

  • Knowledge Exchange Matters: Land Portal values learning from others! Sharing best practices across borders is crucial for adapting solutions to your local context.

  • Beyond Data: Information is powerful, but Land Portal users crave interaction and collaboration. Webinars, discussions, and thematic communities could spark new ideas and connections.
  • Showcasing Success: Data and collaboration are great, but let's see the results. Real-world stories of positive change in land governance will inspire everyone.

These themes echo what experts and advocates in the field said in the bellwether interviews:

  • Amplifying Voices: The Land Portal is a platform for those often unheard in land rights discussions. 
  • Open Data Champion: Land Portal needs to be a stronger advocate for open data, highlighting both its benefits and potential challenges.
  • Deeper Dives: If Land Portal wants to go beyond basic information, Land Portal needs to provide more in-depth analysis alongside existing resources.
  • Thought Leadership: Land Portal can be a leader in driving crucial conversations and progress in land governance.
  • Building a Stronger Future: Diversity, inclusion, data justice, and a robust monitoring and evaluation system are essential for continued impact.

Final word to Land Portal community


Your voice is an important part of our roadmap. We're committed to using your feedback to shape the future of the Land Portal and make a real difference in land governance around the world. Here's how you can get involved:

Let's join forces and turn the Land Portal into a global engine for positive change in land governance.

Laura Meggiolaro is the Managing Director of the Land Portal. Anas Soukar is the Administrative and M&E Assistant  at Land Portal.