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Rapport de la FAO: La production mondiale des pêches et de l’aquaculture atteint un nouveau record

Peer-reviewed publication
Mayo, 2024
Costa Rica

La production halieutique et aquacole mondiale a atteint un niveau sans précédent, la production d’animaux aquatiques issue de l’aquaculture dépassant pour la première fois celle de la pêche de capture, selon un nouveau rapport de l’Organisation des Nations Unies pour l’alimentation et l’agriculture (FAO) publié aujourd’hui. 

Ukraine’s tenurial tangle: Housing, land and property restitution in the Russian war

Peer-reviewed publication
Mayo, 2023
Eastern Europe

The severity of the population dislocation and destruction of housing, land and property (HLP) in the Ukraine war has driven efforts for starting reconstruction planning prior to the war's end. This comes with the realization that re-covery will entail considerable preparation, including ef-forts at using seized Russian assets to finance it. Engaging in HLP restitution and compensation will be a primary re-covery challenge, with the Ukrainian government moving forward with legislation for facilitating this.

Influence Of Urban Land Markets On Emerging City Form;A Case Of Dodoma National Capital City In Tanzania.

Diciembre, 2021

Presently, one of the major challenges confronting the growth of rapidly urbanizing cities is the fact that, cities are growing in unsustainable form which is largely market-led growth and suffers from informal land market distortions. From a conventional point of view, planning aims at achieving compact growth.

Determinants for deployment of climate-smart integrated pest management practices: a meta-analysis approach

Diciembre, 2021

Following the development and dissemination of new climate-smart agricultural technologies to farmers globally, there has been an increase in the number of socio-economic studies on the adoption of climate-smart integrated pests’ management (CS-IPM) technologies over the years. In this study, we review empirical evidence on adoption determinants of CS-IPM technologies and identify possible science-policy interfaces. Generally, our review shows that socioeconomic and institutional factors are influential in shaping CS-IPM adoption decisions of farmers.

Political and Economic Reforms in Kazakhstan Under President Tokayev

Reports & Research
Octubre, 2021

Kazakhstan’s leaders have long harbored ambitious visions for their country’s future. The country’s first President, Nursultan Nazarbayev, launched several far-reaching goals for the country’s development, most notably in 2012 the “Kazakhstan 2050” strategy, which aimed for Kazakhstan to take a place among the world’s 30 most developed states by mid-century.

Land Governance in the Outskirts of African Cities.

Policy Papers & Briefs
Junio, 2021

In the next 30 years, Africa’s population is expected to double, and the continent will be home to 2.5 billion people. Almost half of this population will be living in urban agglomerations. Metropolitan cities, such as Lagos, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam or Abidjan will host several tens of millions of urban dwellers. Peri-urban areas are most affected by the cities’ expansion and undergo important social, political and economic transformations.This Ifri briefing analyses how these changes translate into land governance, a key sector of urban development.

Towards a holistic land law evaluation in sub-Saharan Africa: A novel framework with an application to Rwanda’s organic land law 2005

Peer-reviewed publication
Marzo, 2021

Land laws provide a legal basis for addressing a country’s land-related strategies and are the central land policy instruments through which governments realise land policy objectives. Considering their vital role, it is imperative that land laws be evaluated to ensure that policy objectives are followed and that the laws are not ineffective or counterproductive. The extant literature, however, provides only a fragmentary basis for evaluation.

Are land rental markets responding to rising population pressures and land scarcity in sub-Saharan Africa?

Peer-reviewed publication
Enero, 2021
República Centroafricana

Although still at incipient stages in most areas, agricultural land markets in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) are growing rapidly. While the literature on the region’s land markets is expanding, there has been little attention thus far paid to the drivers of land rental prices. We know quite little about whether and how land markets and land contracts respond to meso-scale factors such as spatial variations in land abundance, or to micro-level factors, such as household land endowments.

Expanding commodity frontiers and the emergence of customary land markets: A case study of tree-crop farming in Venda, South Africa

Peer-reviewed publication
Enero, 2021
África austral

Contemporary discourses on customary land tenure in Africa, and South Africa in particular, have emphasized the socially embedded and flexible nature of customary land rights, recognising these as inherently more ‘pro-poor’ than individual titling. Based on in-depth interviews and participant observations in Venda, a former homeland in South Africa, this paper explores how in the context of expanding commodity frontiers, customary land markets have emerged, leading to de facto privatisation of customary land.

Particularitățile metodologice ale reglementării relaţiilor funciare agrare în Republica Moldova

Reports & Research
Noviembre, 2020

Relațiile funciare, începând cu etapa inițială a dezvoltării statului, reprezintă un product al societății. În istoria statalității Republicii Moldova se vor găsi mai multe etape inițiale. Este important a sublinia că, indiferent de acest fapt, relațiile funciare au fost printre primele și cele mai importante în dezvoltarea societății. Prin aceasta, se constată și conținutul social al relațiilor funciare. Perioada vizată în prezentul studiu, include etapa stabilirii statalității Republicii Moldova, anii 1991-2018 – perioadă în care are loc formarea unor relații funciare evidente.