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FAO Support to Land Consolidation in Europe and Central Asia During 2002-2018 cover image
Peer-reviewed publication
February 2019
Central Asia

Shortly after the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) was founded in 1945, the organization had started to support member countries addressing structural problems in agriculture with land fragmentation and small holding and farm sizes through the development of land consolidation instruments (Binns, 1950).

Mekong Land Research Forum: Annual country reviews 2018-19 cover image
Policy Papers & Briefs
February 2019

The Annual Country Reviews reflect upon current land issues in the Mekong Region, and has been produced for researchers, practitioners and policy advocates operating in the field. Specialists have been selected from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam to briefly answer the following two questions:

Manuals & Guidelines
January 2019

This Guidebook for Business Enterprise includes instructions and tailorable tools for business professionals seeking to design and implement an agricultural investment in a socially responsible manner that recognises and protects community land rights. It provides support for implementing best practices related to understanding and respecting land rights in the context of an investment.

LANDac Annual Conference 2018: Conference Report cover image
Conference Papers & Reports
August 2018

The LANDac Conference 2018 looked at land governance through the lens of mobility. Land acquisitions trigger migration and yield other types of mobility such as capital, goods and ideas. Ensuing land claims raise new questions for land governance. So far, the discussion has focused on respecting land rights, informing local residents and offering fair compensation.

DRC Land Matrix cover image
Reports & Research
July 2018
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ce profil pays présente les données de la Land Matrix pour République Démocratique du Congo et inclut les acquisitions de terres à grande échellequi:

• consistent en des transferts du droit d’exploitation ou de contrôle des terres au moyen bail ou de la concession;

• couvrent des surfaces de 200 hectares ou plus;

• ont été initiées depuis l’année 2000;

Manuals & Guidelines
May 2018

The ASEAN Guidelines on Promoting Responsible Investment in Food, Agriculture and Forestry are part of a broad range of initiatives aimed at ensuring that investments in agriculture meet global standards and promote responsible and sustainable investment.

January 2018

Dispõe sobre a regularização fundiária rural e urbana, sobre a liquidação de créditos concedidos aos assentados da reforma agrária e sobre a regularização fundiária no ¢mbito da Amazônia Legal, instituí mecanismos para aprimorar a eficiência dos procedimentos de alienação de imóveis da União, e dá outras providências. O PRESIDENTE DA REPÚBLICA, no uso da atribuição que lhe confere o art.

Reports & Research
January 2018

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